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Online Resources


Online Resources:

With the proper tools and resources, all small businesses can implement responsible and effective software management practices.  Use the following free online resources from SBA and BSA to ensure your business’s software is legal:

  • 2008 Software Strategies for Small Businesses: Best Practices for Software Compliance (PDF): “Best Practices for Software Compliance” will show you how to incorporate responsible software management into your business plan.

  • Guide to Software Management (PDF): “Guide to Software Asset Management” is a comprehensive resource outlining the risks of software piracy, benefits of responsible software management and tips for protecting your business and managing your software assets.

  • 10 Tips to Protect Your Small Business from Illegal Software (PDF): “10 Tips to Protect Your Small Business from Illegal Software” is a quick guide to help you get started in developing a software management program.

  • Webinar: SBA and BSA hosted a live webinar to educate small businesses and to answer questions about responsible software management.

  • Software Asset Management (SAM) Toolkit: The SAM Toolkit offers the following customizable tools to help small businesses implement responsible software management practices:

    SAM PowerPoint for Employees (PPT)

    SAM Sample Software Policy (Word)

    SAM Sample Employee Memorandum (Word)

  • Free Software Audit Tools: Audits are a key component of any comprehensive software asset management plan. BSA makes these tools available to you at no charge through the cooperation of Monotype Imaging, Express Metrix, Novell Inc., Centennial Software, and Attest Systems Inc. Please read the license agreements and any other information regarding permitted use.